Android Automotive OS

Google’s Android Automotive OS is a native platform for in-vehicle displays. As an open platform, we defined a standard experience while allowing customization by automotive OEM’s and third-party developers.

The platform was still being built out when I joined, providing opportunities to lead a brand-new design system with just one other designer and own UI + visual design for multiple features that have yet to be conceived, including music, notifications, and widgets.

Our first demo was in partnership with Ford and our first release-to-market was with the Polestar 2.


The number of online shoppers drastically increased during the pandemic. This uptick in online traffic called for an effortless app experience with more thought put into delivery and curbside ordering. On top of this, the Albertsons suite of apps were outdated and unintuitive.

At YML, we were tasked with a mobile app redesign from the ground up. My areas of focus were product design for browsing, shopping lists, and deal clipping, as well as leading the design system in partnership with an associate art director.


The Chopt mobile app was in need of a redesign that would streamline navigation, make it easier to order, and encourage customers to keep coming back.

With the Chopt team at YML, my focus was to reduce friction and embed moments of delight through streamlined interactions and visual feedback for features both old (build-your-own meal) and new (reordering) while building out a fresh design system. These solutions increased customer retention, decreased customer support requests, and offered an app that does more to honor the Chopt brand.


In the past few years, the automotive industry has seen exponential growth in product innovation and brand evolution. With competition consistently high, a good online browsing and shopping experience is crucial to stay on top of the game.

At Saatchi & Saatchi, we partnered with Toyota to optimize their online omni-channel experiences, including By analyzing trends in both online shopping and car browsing behaviors, we refreshed As a product designer focused on the builder experience, I refreshed our interaction models, defined new components, and evolved the visual language as well as influence the direction of our photography for the browsing experience.

Papa Urb’s Grill

Papa Urb's Grill is a Filipino fusion restaurant located in Stockton and Tracy, CA. The brand identity and business collateral were designed to reflect the modern yet friendly take on Filipino cuisine and culture. Logotype is custom made.

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